Limbic Void - Castaway (Subsquare Remix)

by Subsquare



This track is a free download, but Bandcamp gives you the option to pay for it (anything you'd like) if you are so inclined. :)

I was approached by Limbic Void to do a remix for his new EP "Lapdogs", and after listening to the fantastic EP, I picked the song "Castaway" to remix (I could pick whichever track I wanted, which was super inspiring). If you compare it to the original you'll hear that I kept a lot of the original pop song structure, but reworked the song entirely to give it more drive (and bass, naturally). I hope you like it!

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I've got all the words I need,
but no one to tell.
There's a special place for staying quiet,
in hell.

You can kick and scream and smash
your head in the wall.
But the hardest part is having,
no one to call.

Bring your friends and bring the songs,
that you used to sing.
Oh the simple joys we had
meant everything.

There's a point where every man must
stick to his choice.
Just make sure you never lose the
strength of your voice.

Stay close to those who understand,
you'll need an anchor when you disembark.
We're headed to the other side,
you'll need a lantern when it's getting dark.

An empty room will hold you down,
and put a stain upon your every thought.
The voice of someone you can trust,
will light a fire that you had forgot.


released May 26, 2016
Copyright © 2016 Limbic Void and Subsquare


all rights reserved



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